6th Grade 9

I’m eager about doing my science fair project. I have a good feeling about my project. I’m really trying to do a good job on it. Fun. Maybe I’ll win again this year.

My problem is “How does music affect coordination?” I’m going to get to work tonight on science fair. I’ve also started writing down ideas for mounting my project and also writing, experimenting, and recording it.

I found out something more about California. I won’t have any of the summer to make friends with the kids in my neighborhood before school starts. We’ll be renting a house until Bruce finds a job somewhere, so we’ll know about the area we want to live. Bruce also needs to make some money so we can make the down payment on our new house. So that ruins the chances of me making some friends to go through jr. high with. If you know what I mean, It’s better to walk into the wrong class with somebody, than to walk into the wrong class alone. Whenver I feel dumb, I like somebody to feel dumb with.

I don’t have much to say about this weekend. Exept for the basketball game. It was WYO. vs. CSU. I went with my dad. WYO won 69 to 63 by CSU. I always vote or cheer for WYO because I was born there and I like to cheer with my dad.

My dad has been really good about me moving. Either that or he hides his feelings well. I wish I didn’t have to leave him.

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