2015 Wrap Up

Despite the fact that Ann and I did not change our basic situation in 2015, still living on the Truckee river and walking together daily to the Reno Collective, it was a year unlike any so far. Here are the main things that made it unique.

I worked on my own product all year long

Postmatic has grown into a real product with thousands of installations. I have customers, and the impact my actions have on them is immediate and visceral. Mistakes bring pain, and fixes bring happiness. It’s nerve wracking but fulfilling work, different from anything I’ve done before.

Last year I thought 2015 would reveal the fate of Postmatic. It did not. We end the year with clear evidence that it’s a valuable product, but I think it will be 2016 that shows whether or not it will thrive as a business.

Ann gets adhesive capsulitis

While I’m thankful that Ann has been free of life-threatening monster ovarian cysts this year, it’s been anything but easy for her. Starting in July her left shoulder started giving her pain, and she ends the year still suffering from frozen shoulder.

It’s likely we’ll remember 2015-16 as the time Ann learned through trial and terror what can be done with 30% range of motion in one shoulder. Hike? Thankfully, yes. Climb? No. Take off a sweater? Yes, but you might get stuck. Best ask for help.

Ruby mountains

After working through 2014 without ever spending more than a few consecutive days outdoors, we were determined to do at least a week-long backpacking trip. The Ruby Crest Trail was a perfect choice. For years we’d looked at these mountains from afar and made oaths to visit them one day. They did not disappoint us.

In fine fettle

Happily I’m in good health, perhaps the best of my life. The harder I work the more need I feel to balance it with exercise. I enjoy the climbing gym more than ever, and extended my running range, maxing out with a 27.7-mile, 3,889-foot run on pavement, dirt, mud, snow, and ice. Now that we’re getting much-anticipated snow and I’m hiking as much powder as I can manage on the split board.

Numbers and Notes

Google hasn’t yet decommissioned my image charts, so I can coninue my charting tradition.

Hours Tracked (by GPS): 382.0399999999999

Hours Tracked

Outdoor Nights: 0|27


Miles on Foot: 1143.3899999999999


Elevation Gain on Foot (ft): 214856


Rock Climbing Elevation Gain (ft): 1955


Books Read: 16

Books Read

This statistical madness has now been going on long enough to compare a few years:

Hours Tracked off_grid_nights,outdoor_nights miles_hiked feet_elevation_gain climbed_feet miles_biked Bike Elevation Gain (ft) Books Read

Island lake pass

Having completed our backpack trip we join Ann’s parents at the Thomas canyon campground. We rest during a day of rain storms that leave the peaks dusted with snow and temperatures noticeably cooler, then make a day of joining two rugged canyons over a fantastically rocky pass.

It's cold in the kitchen

Snow above

Starting up Island lake trail under snowy peaks

Hiking Island lake trail

Sign of snow

Ann at Island lake

Dylan climbing to Island lake pass

Ann on island lake pass

Ann climbing above Island lake

Overhanging tower on the pass

View west from the pass

Ann at Island lake pass

Descending from Island lake pass

It looked more like an armchair before I sat in it

Ruby Crest Trail Day 4: south fork Smith creek to Harrison pass

Our last segment is less grandiose than prior days, but intimate and full of small surprises. On our first ridge we meet a party of northbound hikers from Reno who agree to let us take the vehicle they left at Harrison pass back to Lamoille canyon for them. Return trip problem solved! Here and there a spring appears among the aspen, rock formations sprout from hillsides, and fresh rain showers blow through.

Coffee time

South fork Smith creek

Me at south fork Smith creek

Ann with autumn colors

Vehicle exchange committee

Dayglo aspen

Rainstorms coming


Rock piles

Farewell Ruby mountains wilderness

Break before road hike

More storms on the way

Road hiking

Harrison pass trailhead

TREK NC, our ride