2019 all PaCT up

New Year’s greetings to you! I promised a 2019-wrap-up post and this is it, short and sweet.

My year was dominated by my 2-month hike on the Pacific Crest Trail, fulfilling a pact made 23 years ago with my hiking partner Pete. That journey, which we refer to by the name PaCT, will continue as I write about it here and elsewhere.

On a somewhat related note, I’ve revived one of my old pet project websites, Outdoorism.net, as a place to post short reviews of the best outdoor articles I read. If nothing else that will keep it from stagnating as it was before.

Looking ahead at 2020, Ann and I are both hoping to do more outdoor volunteering. I’ve had great experiences with Adventure Scientists in the past. Ann is jumping in this year to do a Saguaro cactus survey in February, while I’m hoping to get in on the wild and scenic rivers project.

Best wishes to all of you in your endeavors this year!


My aging tally system has survived another year, allowing me to make more charts! I didn’t carry a GPS receiver like I normally do for my Aug 17 – Oct 14 hike, but I manually entered a bunch of stats from that trip afterward.

Hours Tracked (by GPS): 392.7999999999993

Hours Tracked

Outdoor Nights: 47|67


Miles on Foot: 1557.45


Elevation Gain on Foot (ft): 349598


Ski Tours: 37


Books Read: 15

Books Read

And year-over-year comparisons:

Hours Tracked off_grid_nights,outdoor_nights miles_hiked feet_elevation_gain ski_tour

I’ve been recording my 2-mile bike commutes. They add up!

miles_biked Bike Elevation Gain (ft) Books Read

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