Thanksrunning, Thanksclimbing

For better or worse, the weather in the Alabama Hills near Lone Pine, California is even warmer than it was at Thanksgiving last year. Will climbing with warm sun on our skin here become a tradition? Gabe joins us this year and seems amenable. With a stop at Benton Hot Springs on the way down, we have a very pleasant long weekend of soaking, running, and climbing.

Lone pine morning glow

tent sunrise

Gabe climbs Nice Face

Snuggly tent morning

Our routes: Werner’s Werthers 5.8, Kit Kat 5.10a, Sweet Spot 5.10a, Pure Cane 5.8,Sugar Daddy 5.10b, What a Face 5.9, Death of a Cowboy 5.7, The quick and the dead 5.7, Muffy 5.8, Spot 5.8+, Senior Daredevil 5.9, Trevor’s Crack 5.9


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  1. We were at the Alabama Hills too, with Miki and her climbing friends. We had fun watching, gentle hiking, and visiting in the sunshine. It would have been fun to see you for awhile. :o)

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