2013 Cliff Notes

And the year is over! Lest I forget, there were definitely some significant changes for me and Ann this year.

Reno Collective

We signed on as part owners of the Reno Collective this year and took up the challenge to move it to the big windowed space we call the Fishbowl at 1st and Arlington. There were times when we thought it wouldn’t survive the move much less the year, so having a healthy and growing coworking space and community at the end of the year is huge. 2014 holds great potential for the Reno Collective, and I’m starting the year with big hopes and bright optimism.

Freelance Work with Vernal Creative

My biggest client continues to be Vermont-based Vernal Creative, and we had our best year so far in 2013. With projects like Fair Trade Campaigns, Namati Legal Empowerment, and Keshet I feel proud to be doing good work for people doing good work. For this work to grow in addition to our success with the Reno Collective makes this a banner year in my work life.

Outdoors, Climbing

We decided to focus our outdoor energies on recreational rock climbing this year, and despite some setbacks like a month off with an injured (broken?) toe acquired during our big trip to City of Rocks, we definitely got into it. Ann started leading again, and we had many fine weekend trips that were crucial to balancing our busy work life.

Life & Family

In June we moved into an apartment from the 1930’s “divorce cottage” we were in. It’s in the same neighborhood, but we’re closer to the river and feeling like we’ve zeroed in on the perfect spot.

We attended Ann’s grandmother Hazel Holmquist’s funeral in February. Our parents all visited during the year, but we’d like to make it easier for us to accommodate guests.


I humbly hope to continue my work trends in 2014. Ann and I plan to focus on hiking instead of climbing this year. Maybe I’ll finally complete the Continental Divide Trail… A return to some wilderness volunteering would be nice as well.

Numbers and Notes

My traditional graph madness:

Hours Tracked (by GPS): 192.5546999999999

Hours Tracked

Outdoor Nights: 23|8


Miles on Foot: 736.5


Elevation Gain on Foot (ft): 158071


Rock Climbing Elevation Gain (ft): 8270


Miles by Bike: 0

Zero biking! Wondering if I should sell the recumbent…

Books Read: 11

Books Read

Movies Watched: 48

Movies Watched

This statistical madness has now been going on long enough to compare a few years:

Hours Tracked off_grid_nights,outdoor_nights miles_hiked feet_elevation_gain climbed_feet miles_biked Bike Elevation Gain (ft) Books Read Movies Watched

Because I’ve been running a lot it felt like I covered more ground this year than ever, but clearly I didn’t put in the hours to beat prior years. The fact that we climbed as much as 2010 is huge – we had much more time that year!

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