We sneak in two more rock days at Alabama Hills

Ann and I are not the only optimists to converge on the low elevation Alabama Hills on the promise of temperatures warm enough for climbing. Those of us who follow the sun are rewarded with slightly chilly to very pleasant conditions. It’s been almost ten years since our last trip here, and this holiday weekend stirs those memories into the new ones we’re making.

Routes: Tootsie Pop 5.6, Werner’s Werthers 5.8, Kit Kat 5.10a, Rock Candy 5.10d, Pure Cane 5.8, Sweet Spot 5.10a, Sugar Daddy 5.10b, Spur 5.7, Tall T 5.10b, Sand Trap 5.9, Sting of the Lash 5.10b, Man’s Country 5.9, Man in the Raw 5.8

One response to “We sneak in two more rock days at Alabama Hills”

  1. hey, where you at? you beat it back to home base before the heinous weather hit? it’s nasty here.

    i recall that day you, ann and i went to the bama. that is like 1 of the 2 days out 15 that i actually had an amazing time. makes me want to find that Pillar of Toth pic.

    ok, hope things are swell with you two.

    much love from the mojave,

    – ted

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