Mom visits Reno

I finally get my opportunity to show my mom why we love Reno. She comes for a long weekend and we manage a pretty good tour!

Mom at the collective!

A sample of working at the Collective, during which we convert her old TYPO3 website to WordPress.

mom and stone man

A visit to the Nevada Museum of Art.

Mom and Ann at Bowl

Of course dinner at Bowl.

Donner lake

A look at Donner lake.

Mom at Donner overlook

Some touring and sightseeing on Donner pass.

Mom and Ann at Sand Harbor

Tahoe headstand

A stop at Sand Harbor on Lake Tahoe.


A picnic at Pyramid Lake, just before the winds get serious.

And finally a walk in Idlewild park. I think we made a favorable impression. Come again Mom!

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  1. I had SO MUCH FUN in Reno! A perfect visit with wonderful weather, all six flights (3 each way) arriving on time with some wonderful seat mates. Reno is so different from my assumptions. It has beautiful parks, a river running through it, great restaurants, all my favorite shopping places (even Trader Joes) and, of course, the extraordinary Collective, a beautiful space for self-employed and small businesses to work. And I love my new website, AND my Gracie dog, whom I just picked up from the doggie motel, made great progress and for the first time got along with ALL the other dogs. This is fabulous. When she first had to go there six months ago, she growled at everything. Thank you, Dylan and Ann.

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