Barbershop buttress and Pine lake

Waking up is easier on our second vacation morning. We’re making coffee at 6am, hoping to sneak in a little climbing in the morning sun before it gets too hot. Today we hit the Barbershop buttress where I start off on the very apropos Vegetarian Delight 5.8, a nice leaning crack with a crux that involves choosing whether to partake of the vegetation. I love it, but am definitely not feeling fully recovered. Fortunately, or not, it’s possible to toprope Barbershop shuffle 5.11a from the anchor. Ann works this out nicely, and I proceed to ruin myself on it, making it up only after the most desperate moves I can imagine. Fun! I barely make it back to the camper to pass out for a nap.

Dylan climbs Vegetarian Delight

I wake up feeling ready for a hike. This time we head up the more traveled pine creek trail to pine lake. This supplies many bird’s eye views of the tungsten mill, and then the stunning canyon above it. We pass climbers developing a wall a few miles up – what an approach!

Pine creek cascades

Scarlet Monkeyflower

Old juniper wood

Dylan below pine creek cascades

Inspiring spire

Pine lake

Ann at pine lake



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