Fishbowl Interior

I’ve been off the radar while we worked to get the Reno Collective moved and running in its new location. I’ve never done anything remotely like relocating a coworking space, and it’s been a fantastic learning experience. With Ann managing the space, the collective will remain a huge part of our lives.

Team Finish

Before opening the new space a bunch of us ran the 178-mile Reno-Tahoe Odyssey relay race. There were 257 teams this year. Like last year it was a great, exhausting experience. I ran the infamous “dog valley” leg, pushing hard in the 2pm heat and surprising myself with a 17th place finish on that leg, the only one they rank individually. My last leg went well also, with another runner right behind me pushing the whole way. Shortly after that, I got hit with the worst allergy attack of my life, which lasted three days and still revisits me now and then.

Our team members were all in great shape, and despite a minor injury we finished 39th in 24 hours 19 minutes. My friend Alli ran the same legs I did and wrote up a great post describing what it’s like to run all night.

Ann climbs 7-11 Burrito

We also managed some climbing days at nearby Big Chief, and we’re feeling good enough to plan a climbing trip to city of rocks for our vacation in August. Whoop!

Perhaps normal output will now resume.

3 responses to “Resuming”

  1. What an exhausting month for you! So up! So down! I love the photo of the collective, too. I’m glad you are feeling better.

  2. So glad to see you back at posting, Dylan!! I hope you guys don’t have the wildfires that we do these days… I feel your allergy pain. Our whole family has been coughing like a bunch of smokers because… well… there’s a lot of smoke. City of Rocks in August huh? That sounds soooo awesome! I wish we could meet you out there… but we’re hitting Steamboat Springs next week. 🙂 Have fun!

  3. Thanks Kate!

    I’m kind of amazed there haven’t been more fires here – it’s dryyyyyyy. Fingers crossed – coughing is no better than sneezing. Have fun in steamboat!

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