Big Chief South Buttress

Ann and I meet Wes in Truckee, hoping for cooler temperatures at Big Chief. It’s just about right, even climbing in the sun. The blooming bitterbrush smells like cinnamon and a breeze ruffles the ponderosas. Climbing season is definitely open!

Dylan on community service

Ann climbs 7-11 Burrito

Wes climbs Slurpee Headache

Routes: Community Service 5.9R, 7-11 Burrito 5.10a, Slurpee Headache 5.11a TR

One response to “Big Chief South Buttress”

  1. wow. that first pic is beaut. those colors, shadows, light. like a magazine ad quality to it.

    but your form is bad. you are pulling in with the left arm and s/b hanging ’til you are ready to make the clip.

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