Phantom Spires Thrash

Most of our first trip to the Phantom Spires is spent thrashing through the steep underbrush between crags, exploring the area and climbing a few routes before we return to our campsite. It’s a great place, but surprisingly already pretty hot. Luckily there’s always a few routes in the shade.

Phantom Spires Camp

Phantom Spires Lunch View

Ann Thrashes

Gorilla Rock

Phantom Spires Twilight

Routes: Over Easy 5.7, Hard Up 5.9 TR, Cockabooty 5.7, Ko-Ko Box 5.8

One response to “Phantom Spires Thrash”

  1. I climbed there when i was in college. i led one route (prolly over easy) and tr’d the other side (prolly hard up, tho i seem to recall it being more than 5.9).

    good going on going there. it’s really not much of a destination spot.

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