2012 – a year in Reno

Wow, it’s been a while since I lived in the same place for two new year’s days in a row! I feel like Reno has welcomed us and we’re giving it a chance to be our home. Last year I mentioned two organizations, the Reno Collective and Friends of Nevada Wilderness, and those continue to be the hubs of our community here. December has been a big snow party, a high note I won’t soon tire of, wrapping up a year full of good work and play. I feel energized to meet the challenges 2013 will bring: new work for Ann, innovative and demanding programming projects for me, and whatever else this wooly world has in store for us all.

My old Tally Graph plugin still works, so I can rack up my stats for the year once again:

Hours Tracked (by GPS): 358.5731

Hours Tracked

Outdoor Nights: 20|27


Miles on Foot: 929.4100000000004


Elevation Gain on Foot (ft): 157183


Rock Climbing Elevation Gain (ft): 3390


Miles by Bike: 52.8


Bike Elevation Gain (ft): 2396

Bike Elevation Gain (ft)

Books Read: 12

Books Read

Movies Watched: 48.5

Movies Watched

This statistical madness has now been going on long enough to compare a few years:

Hours Tracked off_grid_nights,outdoor_nights miles_hiked feet_elevation_gain climbed_feet miles_biked Bike Elevation Gain (ft) Books Read Movies Watched

Whew! It’s pretty interesting for me to compare all those numbers with how I feel about each year. This year felt like a big one to me outdoor-wise, but the numbers remind me that I spent a lot of time working this year too. And of course in the end all these numbers are reminders of how fortunate we are. Thanks to our family and friends, and happy new year one and all!

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