Sneaking in to 90-foot wall

We’ve been scheming for over a year now climb at 90 foot wall. This little collection of easily toproped cracks is an easy hike from the most popular trailhead on lake Tahoe at Eagle Creek. The first few times we came here, we didn’t even get parked. The first time it took us 20 minutes just to escape the packed-full parking lot. Later we get parked successfully and hiked in to see the rock covered in ropes and climbers.

Today we finally do it right, and we have the crag to ourselves for our first route. Woohoo! Late in the summer the crowds are dwindling, it’s a weekday, and fairly early. We nailed it. The climbs here are steeper than what we’ve been climbing, which is a fun change. Even when a few groups join us, there are plenty of routes for all. Even if we never manage it again, now we know how.

Routes: Shuman the Human 5.6, Rentier 5.7 TR, Strontium 90 5.8 TR, Relativity 5.10b TR, Ripoff 5.10a/b TR

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