A trip to Vermont

I’ve been in Vermont for a couple of weeks where my web crafting amigo Jason lives in the hills. The flu nearly wiped out our whole agenda, but in hindsight we managed some good work and had quite a few Vermont winter experiences to boot. I have an aunt and grandmother in Burlington also, so I got the extra treat of some time with them.

I learned a few things about working with wool yarn, all from the sheep I helped feed in barn outside. Jason’s wife Denise creates rich colors with natural dyes.

Dylan makes a skein-ball

Vermont Wool Yarn

The “winter party” involves a bonfire, sledding, food, ice skating, and stories for the kiddies. I’ve never been to a town event quite like it.

Ada learns to skate at the winter party

Story Time

The winter party is followed by a spell of warm weather that starts maple sap flowing much earlier than usual. We tap a tree and I taste maple sap for the first time. It’s clear, cold, and just sweet enough to make you want to keep drinking forever.

Before I know it the trip is almost over. We all go out for a celebratory dinner as our finale.

Me and my Vermont family

My grandmother and aunt give me a little more good family time and see me safely to the airport.

Julia, Me, and Grandmother

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  1. I ran across your blog to see what was going on at Wall Canyon. Great sage grouse articles. My family in Reno is from Burlington, Vermont.
    We’re the Kittells, no relation right…had to ask because we’re all redheads too.

    Great blog

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