RSF impact map adds content flow, AJAX loading, and more

Ever seen a map of custom markers synchronized with thumbnail images in a content flow that dynamically loads content including tabs, post listings, and a slide show? I hadn’t either! I was not certain it could be done, but perseverance paid off. The map is tied to the thumbnails, so an item selected in either one updates the other, and loads a bunch more relevant content below. Members can use a gravity form to add their organization to the map. The work was part of a theme makeover by Vernal Creative.

3 responses to “RSF impact map adds content flow, AJAX loading, and more”

  1. I’m amazed at how that website works. No links! Every just shows up by hovering a mouse. I also liked the website that features organic foods and environmentally conscious products. Impressive.

  2. Thanks Henry – it’s heavily customized, but at the heart is based on what you get with two shortcodes:


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