The Hagley Family Farm

My mom’s friend Doug Hagley gives me a tour of his family’s farm that packs in a surprising variety of experiences.

Walking through the woods we hear a million starlings. I take a video just for the sound.

Doug with mushroom basket

Pond crossing

Woods trail

They have a white pine tree farm about 25 years old.

White Pine Farm

There are apples everywhere, on trees and on the ground. We gather a few from this spot by the road Doug noticed.

Apple bonanza

I learn what asparagus looks like gone to seed – wild red berries!

Dry Asparagus Berries

Doug takes us through his organic garden, giving us plenty of vegetables for the week.

Doug's organic garden

Brussel Sprouts

Last I see the calves in the barn, guarded by cute cats and kids.

Barn cats

The cats are tolerant

Future dairy cows


And finally we sip coffee around the dining room table, and Doug’s parents impress me with their wit and optimism. It’s encouraging to see a small farm with all this going for it.

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