Reno WordCamp 2011

This was the first WordCamp that coincided with my current location, so I jumped in. Total fun to go a little WP crazy with like-minded lunatics. I was hoping for at least one talk that would hit a bull’s-eye for me, and core developer Daryl Koopersmith‘s “JavaScript in WordPress” did that – validating some best practices for me and introducing a few new ones to adopt. People were excited about the talks on topics less familiar to me (Sara Cannon’s Typography on the Web) and topics near and dear to me (Mitcho’s “Consider the Content Life Cycle: WordPress CMS Strategies and Code”).

Hacking a little with the core team was fun too, but keep a whiteboard handy if the debates get too heated – here Nacin and Pete Mall take a time out 😉

WordCamp Dev Day

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  1. Funny, it never occurred to me that I was probably the only one “camped” at WordCamp! A couple miles away, tho :).

    No BuddyPress talks on the schedule. Pete Mall, the man behind the whiteboard, works on the multisite core though. All the core people were totally accessible and up for answering questions, I was impressed.

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