Belly Flop at Mid Cliffs

We work in one more trip to the Black Cliffs before we head for Reno. It’s a good day for me with a spectacular belly flop on lead, complete with legs flailing in the blue sky. Next route I pump out and hang before completing a high-grovel factor mantel for the chains. Good stuff.

We’ll leave the Boise river full to the brim, just the way we found it. Paying attention to the river flows here has been a good way to feel more connected to the outdoor places we’ve visited. I’ve realized that water is at the center of changing outdoor places. For now I bid the Boise river farewell, and wonder what the Truckee river in Reno will teach me.

Boise Diversion Dam

Routes: Sugar Magnolia 5.7 gear, Lucky Pierre 5.9 TR, The Puffer 5.9 bolts+gear, Ajax 5.9 bolts+gear

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