Badlands – Sage Creek

It’s time to say goodbye to mountains. Our last black hills campsite wasn’t far from 7,242-ft Harney Peak – the highest peak east of the rockies at about the same elevation as my birth town of Laramie, Wyoming. It seems like a good way to greet the plains is to visit the badlands.


Our first greeting committee is a family of bighorns.

Bighorns and littlehorns

We make our way to the primitive Sage Creek campground, where many tenters have gathered in the midst of wind and grazing buffalo. I’m grateful to discover I can connect and work here.

Tomorrow we’ll migrate to the other “non-primitive” (and non-free) campground and see if we can reach the trail system without having to drive to the trailheads.

6 responses to “Badlands – Sage Creek”

  1. cute. looks like those blokes got some extra sensory property on their hides. some shit eating over-funded tree hugger prolly wants to prove that they eat, sleep and fuck. and shit. scat is integral to most studies.

    i hope like hell you climbed at those needles in the Black Hills. of all the places i never climbed, those were the most painful things i left off the list. they are beautiful and mystical [looking]. the Dakotas are an enigma to me. very obscure and forgotten.

    here… who says HS reunions are stupid as fuck..

  2. OH LOLS!! the link runs into then off your border!! GAHDAMM!! too much time in the dirt and you couldn’t code your way outta a .. ok, it’s funny to me.


  3. I figure IE users are used to seeing such things, buy hey, I also figured you’d be used to seeing tax money wasted!

    We didn’t get our climbing act together. I’ll have to spend my time learning to code if we’re going to survive…

  4. SAFARI, beehatch!

    Mac-Apple.. i’m thinking about moving to the BAY AREA.


    yes, alive and kicking. been a hard 2+ years. 3 surgeries in 14 months. it’s taking me over a year to heal from the shoulder surgery. i get back in the gym then tear my bicep.. HEINOUS. and that’s not something you get ‘cut’ unless it is completely severed.

    so i am taking it easy. doing 4 days at Mammoth next weekend to closeout the season. hopefully be in better condition next season. prolly get a pass for Northstar in Tahoe. + 2 weeks at Whistler bike park next summer.

    so yeah, karen will learn to ride or learn to hangout. she’s super ~*~cool~*~ she runs marathons, so yeah, a few heinous bike crashes and she’ll prolly just wanna go hiking (of course the same goes for me)

  5. hmm.. that doesn’t make sense.

    i am taking it easy in the gym.. which makes me ride kinda wimpy-ish at Mammoth. helps to be strong in the upper body riding that hellish place. but just getting off the gandola is frikkin’ real there.

    ok… xoxoxo from the mighty Mojave,

    – ted

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