Black Cliffs with Randy and Nephews

We take Ann’s brother Randy an his sons Jonathan and Nathaniel to the Black Cliffs for a little climbing. As an only child, it never occurred to me that I might still have nephews some day. I hear “Uncle Dylan” a few times before I really register that it’s me! It’s fun watching how these guys approach something as foreign to them as scaling a rock wall. They’re very competitive, and after Jonathan scores the high point on our first route, Nathaniel turns on his laser-like focus and finds a way to reach the top of the second (a 5.10a done the standard way!) with a few big swings as he explores the terrain on each side of the route. Randy makes it up also, and Uncle Dylan enjoys giving some family a taste of our favorite roped entertainment

Jonathan Climbing

Routes: Loaded Guns 5.7, Tidy Up 5.10a, Snake Eyes 5.8

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