Twin Falls, Idaho

We want to check out the climbing in Twin Falls before rushing off, so we spend a few days. Idaho feels like a different world from Nevada – there are rain clouds when we cross the border! We parallel Salmon creek north – a flow of water that would be a major river in New Mexico. An almost cold breeze blows off the basalt cliffs in Lud Drexler park, a small BLM campground on the Salmon reservoir.

2010-06-06 Lud Drexler BLM Campground, near Rogerson, ID (at Salmon Dam) 01

Once in town we quickly zero in on the central coffee house called Java. Our climbing outings center around Dierkes Lake, a small reservoir nestled in the Snake river canyon next to Shoshone Falls, a giant 212-foot waterfall.

Shoshone Falls and Overlook

The lake provides swimming, cliff jumping, and climbing. The people we meet are ecstatic to see the sun, describing a long, cold, rainy spring that only seems to now be ending. Our small sampling of well-featured basalt cracks and blocky overhanging sport routes is intimidating but definitely fun.

Ann at Hidden Wall

Routes (best guess): Bizarro 5.10b, The Greenhorn 5.7, The Rookie 5.8, The Neophite 5.6, The First Timer 5.9-, Beavis 5.10d, Bert 5.8+, Ernie 5.10a, Dude 5.9-, Whipper 5.10b

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