Utah Hills

The forecasts have been calling for colder weather, but the morning is so clear and warm we don’t believe it. Canceling plans to return to the sunny Zen Wall, we drive instead to the north facing Soul Asylum. This is a remote limestone crag, higher than town, and cool and breezy when we arrive. There are two other parties at the crag, one has come from Salt Lake City where they say it was snowing this morning. We’re relatively warm in the sun, but when it disappears the cool wind drives us off. The wall next to the parking is more sheltered and sunnier, but there is only one route there easy enough for me to try. It’s steep and seems to have only sideways holds. I’m shaky and fall a lot, but make the anchors. We toprope the route and look for some hiking to do. No one we’ve talked to has been to the biggest wall in the area, The Diamond, probably due to a rough approach. We hike up without climbing gear, and find the view and the towering wall are worth the trouble. It hasn’t been the best climbing day, but looking out over the earth and walking among the wildflowers restores me regardless.

Moon over the diamond

Ann above the Mojave

Routes: Righteous Indignation 5.7, Joy! Joy! 5.9, Santa Clara Warm-up 5.10b

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