Green Valley Gap Climbing

Saint George is nestled among several mesas, which makes for interesting development patterns. Here at the edge of a development is a network of dirt roads crisscrossing haphazardly in front of a rocky gap in the mesa. People are camped here and there, and there is a little refuse blowing around, but I wouldn’t call it trashed. The 30 to 45-foot sandstone walls of the gap have a handful of bolted routes on them that amuse us nicely for a couple of hours. These routes are so short that it’s tempting to dismiss them, but there are some fun moves to be had here.

Looking up Green Valley Gap

Routes: Perky’s Playground 5.9, Beggars and Choosers 5.10b, Puppet Strings 5.10a, Shotgun Baptism 5.10c TR, 12 Gauge Conversation 5.9 TR

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