A little climbing at the Hairpin Turn

We’re getting confused trying to plan some gentle exploration of the expansive climbing near Tucson. We’ve looked online and in two different books, and none of them seem to agree. Ratings, climb names, even area names are often different in each source. At last I give up and just hike in to the very closest area to see what I find. The first surprise is the sound and smell of water in the desert canyon. These canyons look totally arid from afar, but up close we’ve found water twice now.

I can find about 4 of 8 routes shown in the local book, and another 5 not shown. Thankfully a friendly local gives us beta and recommendations, and we do 2 long sport routes that are perfect for easing me back into leading. The views may indicate the source of confusion in guides: there is simply too much rock here. It’s everywhere. Clearly we’ll be able to climb as much as we want, as long as we’re willing to explore based on whatever imperfect information we can gather.

Ann in the Hairpin Turn canyon

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