Lights out on the Catalina Highway

On our way home from a short climbing outing in the darkening night, I notice the airbag light come on in the truck. As I puzzle over that, the speedometer and all the other gauges flatline. I puzzle more and consult Ann. The headlights start to dim, and we pull over but leave the truck running. The headlights nearly go out, and we feel invisible on the side of the dark road. We make a good decision to move the truck away from a nearby speed limit sign, then it dies and goes completely black. Ann calls AAA while I check all the fuses, in vain. We open a bag of pretzels I’m happy I thought to bring along. Ann leaves the headlamp flashing on the tailgate while we munch and wait in the dark.

The tow truck shows up in less than an hour, I think, and the driver is great. He reassures that the shop in our neighborhood is good, and that our truck will be okay on the curb by the shop. He gives us a ride back to the RV park. Our camp feels a little wrong without the truck, but still cozy. We think about how much worse this failure would have been with our full rig in a remote location. Really we got lucky, even if it sucks a grand from our small savings, which of course it does (roasted alternator and an overdue oil change). I’m thankful we have a good setup for me to work here…

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  1. Oooh, man, that sucks so much! Another time to be thankful for that investment in AAA! We should really sign up too. Sounds like it’s all worked out well, though, which is really good to hear.

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