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People like me who use a GPS unit to track their movements often end up with a GPX file full of incomprehensible data at some point. There are many ways to make sense of the data using maps and graphs, but my favorite so far is Jürgen Berkemeir’s GPX Viewer. Unfortunately, it wasn’t clear how to make good use of it in a WordPress post. To remedy that, and add some US English user features (while preserving the German and metric originals), I worked up a new WordPress plugin. It’s quite simple and lightly tested at this point, but feel free to take it for a spin.

  • Only non-commercial use is allowed to comply with Berkemeir’s license requirements. WordPress repository plugins are not allowed to have this restriction (they must be GPLv2 compatible), so I won’t be able to make it available for automatic installation.
  • github page has downloads and updates
  • Sample Viewer:

8 responses to “WordPress GPX Viewer Plugin”

  1. US units are used when the browser language is en-US. This and the layout are hard coded in the current version, but could be changed with some hacking in GPX2GM.js (which would then have to be compressed or copied to GPX2GM.min.js).

  2. Great plugin! I started recording my runs with my Droid which resulted in a .GPX file I didn’t know what to do with until I found this plugin.

    For some reason though saving the API key in the plugin settings didn’t work and I had to manually add the key to the javascript call in the gpx-viewer page. Not a big deal but someone that’s not a programmer might not be able to figure it out. This is running on WordPress 2.9.2.


  3. Hi, I have downloaded the program an uploaded it via ftp to my wordpress plugins than i have activated the plugin and entered my google maps api key. I have uploaded a .gpx file to the medialibary but how do i display the .gpx in my blog do i have to enter simply the URL to the .gpx file? I don’t understand how to use it. can you please help me? mail me back or comment on my wp-site.

    kind regards


    p.s. sorry for my bad english but i come from germany

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