Idaho to Santa Fe

This is a long drive, 985 miles in some remote terrain, but it has never failed to show me something new.

We’ve left our stuff and our Subaru, so we can drive together with a mostly empty trailer. This helps us make a lot of miles, for us, well past the “NEXT SERVICES 109 MILES” sign on I-70. It’s dark, but we know this area is pretty, so we stop at a rest area and wake up to this:

Fresh Snow in Utah

I-70 Utah Winter View

The roads are snowpacked most of the rest of the way through Utah. When we finally reach New Mexico, this view is most welcome:

Dry Road near Four Corners

Hope everyone else’s travels were beautiful and safe!

One response to “Idaho to Santa Fe”

  1. What a great drive that must have been. Beautiful for sure.

    I wish we had been so adventurous. When it was time for us to head south, we were so tired of dealing with snow, we hopped on the interstate and made a beeline to slab city. The fact that the back roads had chain requirements and we don’t own any was also a factor.

    These 75F degree days sure beat the 20F degree ones we left behind.


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