Holiday Schlepping Family Style

We didn’t originally have a trip to Idaho for Christmas planned. But there have been factors at work, with more details to come, that would require us to once again free ourselves of our indoor accoutrements. Our bed, my chair, the loveseat, some kitchen things, etc. We figure it won’t be too much since we’ve striven for years to downsize.

Ann’s parents took the opportunity to offer us more free storage, and we reconsidered our Christmas plans from a more family oriented perspective. It’s been a great decision, but wow, did we have a more schlepping to do than we realized. Not quite all of this is ours, but almost!

Our Mound

In addition to building this monument on the second floor, Ann and her dad spend hours in freezing temperatures working on our camper and preparing our Subaru for its hibernation. We make sure we walk a few miles each day to keep our heads on straight. Carol cooks beautiful vegan food and even convinces me that she enjoyed it!

Vegan Christmas Eve Dinner

Together we make a holiday full of challenging tasks celebratory, loving, and merry. Hope yours was too.

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