Casual Hikes Around Santa Fe

I got a nice email asking me about Santa Fe hikes:

Every Christmas we come to Santa Fe – it is the greatest escape from our lives here in Dallas, TX.

We always like to go walking/hiking and as I was researching I found your wonderful site. But I was overwhelmed by the amount of options.

Is there a trail that you would recommend for some 50 something city-slickers that is not too hard? i.e. not much elevation change would be good – we’re already wheezing with the altitude change!

You do great web work, very, very nice site.

Best wishes, Les

Thanks Les! The first resource to check out is the excellent Dale Ball Trail Network right on the east edge of town. That site has a PDF map you can download.

Here are a few hikes I’ve done that you might enjoy:

If you’re still hungry for more, I recommend the Sierra Club book Day Hikes in the Santa Fe Area. I haven’t found many good hikes that aren’t in there!

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