Ropes at the Playground

Do we deserve this? Probably not, but it doesn’t prevent us from basking in warm sun once again high on the banks of the Rio Grande at the The Playground. Sean joins us for the ride. We dangle ropes on a couple of enticing climbs, and we’re all used up well before the sun is. It hardly matters to me that we seem to climb less every time we go out – I still just want to do it again.


Texas 5.8
A strenuous lieback route! Or is winter just making us weak?
Flying A 5.11-
I feel impressive for a move or two at the bottom, then I start to moan, and soon dignity is out the window.

2 responses to “Ropes at the Playground”

  1. It’s probably a strenuous climb.

    I can’t believe it is correlated with the season…unless you are working out less because of it. Then, the lurking variable explaining the “strenuousness” would be the fitness level *not* the season 8^)

    Still, it sounds like fun!

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