It’s Game Time Obama

game-snip How many times has someone used this site to encourage President Obama to make progress during the climate talks in Copenhagen? I wrote a WordPress plugin that will instantly create as many atomic counters as needed, and some client side AJAX to keep track of all the different types of actions one can take. Try one out, and maybe we’ll see how the site handles six figures, or seven…

One response to “It’s Game Time Obama”

  1. Looks like the pressure is working…O’s going to Copenhagen, for starters. Keep it going! I’m enjoying your activity graphs. I’m thinking that they are somehow computerized. I should do this for my art and writing activity. Anyway keep up the work. And glad you’re running (next post)…I loved running when I was in my 30s. What stopped me was running in Boston high heat/high humidity. (You were five and at your dad’s for the summer.) Wiped me out for a month with heat prostration. Never ran again.

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