Potrillo Climbing with Kate & Mark

Despite below-freezing temperatures, we stay optimistic and pile into Kate & Mark’s Prius with our climbing gear. It looks good when we park, but then the sun disappears behind a cloud and a frigid wind starts to blow. Persistent, we drop some topropes anyway, and are rewarded by the return of sunshine and gradually warming temperatures. Another win for stubborn idiocy!

Our routes:

Upper Kor’s Crack 5.9
Never disappoints. I may even be close to a stable sequence!
Chuckawalla 5.8
It’s wide, but I’m getting comfortable enough to think maybe I should lead it…
Chuckawalla Right 5.10
Ann says Mark and I both find different sequences up this entertaining bit of face climbing
Lower Kor’s Crack 5.10
Ann and Kate do much better than Mark and I on this one. I fight my up with maximum effort with a couple of falls, fingerlocks barely sticking, but do far worse on my next try. Mark starts with lots of falls but eventually nails a sequence that works for him.

4 responses to “Potrillo Climbing with Kate & Mark”

  1. For the record, thanks to Mark and Kate’s constant encouragement beta barrage, I made it up Kor’s Crack without a hang and unexhausted for the first time!

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