A little sport crack at the Overlook

We’ve met another climber, Brook, interested in easing back into the sport after a hiatus. We manage an early start and reach The Overlook before it’s too hot. I’m curious how we’ll do on some familiar routes, and also how my new Vibram Five Fingers will work on the approach.

Over Easy 5.6
Feels harder than the 5.8s last weekend – must just be because slab holds are small!
Headwall Crack Left 5.8
I pull out the rack and see if I can still place my own protection. It goes well, with just a little pump on the leaning top moves, which everyone seems to share.
Headwall Crack Right 5.9
Feeling ambitious, I start up this crack that challenged me when I was in better shape. I hold it together through the vertical handcrack, but the wide overhanging lieback at the top is too much for me. My pro holds! And I make it, a little nervously, after a good rest. That section spits all of us off today, include me again on toprope.

So far I love the five fingers – it’s really like walking barefoot without the pain! Next I’ll try them on a hike.

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