The Gallows Edge – Climbing?

We haven’t been in the climbing groove for a long time. Not entirely sure why, we pack the gear and go to the highest concentration of easy sport routes we know of nearby: The Gallow’s Edge. And, surprise surprise, it’s fun! We’re able to climb the routes here despite our complete lack of conditioning, and we’re pleasantly worn out when we’re done. All in all we make it up 4 5.8-ish routes, taking a couple laps on some of them.

Climbers Again?

2 responses to “The Gallows Edge – Climbing?”

  1. Sweeet!! Just like riding a bike, huh? Only lots more fun… 😉

    I loved seeing you two hiking and I love seeing you back out on the rock! We need to arrange a weekend trip to meet you two for some climbing in the next few weeks!!

  2. Funny you should say that Kate – I’ve been meaning to post about riding my bike too. We’re doing all sorts of things these days – Ann has been learning to play tennis. We’ll see if this climbing noodle sticks to the wall!

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