Putting Flickr in Ordr

I’ve written a small web application for viewing Flickr photos in a specified order: Ordr.

The main motivation is to provide a way to view Group pool photos in order by date taken. On my recent hike in Wyoming there were many good photographers taking pictures, all of them Flickr users. A Flickr group is a great way to collect all those pictures in one place, but you can’t view them in the order they were taken, so there’s no story. Ordr makes a group based on an event much more useful.

Flickr can and should implement these features, but until they do, this is a workaround.

I’m sharing this application, but having written it in my free time, it’s only lightly tested. If you use it and find a problem, please let me know.

The free libraries phpFlickr, jQuery, and Galleriffic are used and greatly appreciated.

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