Why o why did I not take any pictures of this year’s friend-contributed meal gathering in Fort Collins? I think I’ve forgotten about my camera while I’m resting my knee. As if it were a knee-operated device. But I will remember anyway that I finally got some of the beating coming to me for being a pain-in-the-ass holier-than-thou vegan full of self admiration and especially smugness. Everyone brought something for me to eat regardless, only encouraging my vanity further. It’s been a while since I hung out for an evening in a totally comfortable social situation with good friends, thanks to you all for that.

We park the camper at my friend Mike’s, where I stayed last spring. The dark and quiet there bring on deep sleep.

One response to “Friendsgiving”

  1. apparently we all forgot our cameras, but that’s ok, it just means that we were more focused on having a good time. and it was.

    i dare say, that was the best friendsgiving yet. good food and even better company.

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