Fever Driving

Our drive keeps handing us surprises.

We go through Moab, but it isn’t our destination. This feels wrong again every few minutes at least until we reach I-70.

When we reach Idaho, a rest stop attendant tells us a storm is coming, and there have already been several accidents ahead. We consider stopping for the night, but decide to move on carefully.

The driving is not too bad over a small pass. We stop at the next rest stop for the night, which delivers about 9 inches of new snow. The area fills up with idling trucks, and in the morning we wake up feeling a little fun-kay:

We get on the road in 4 wheel drive. The interstate is a bumpy, snowbound doubletrack for the first forty miles, then gradually improves.

I start to feel more achy and feverish. Eventually I have to stop and zonk out in the camper for a couple of hours. At least the roads get better, and Ann takes me woozily the rest of the way to Nampa, where I proceed straight to bed again.

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