Ann’s latest ankle-wear

Ann's injured ankleFour weeks after spraining her ankle at Sugarite Canyon, Ann got this supportive and stylish brace to help her keep from re-inflaming the injury. Now at six weeks, it seems to be working, and getting her plenty of attention from the style-conscious senior crowd at the post office. She’s no longer using a cane, and we’ve been going for short bike rides around Rancho Viejo for some much needed exercise. Life is not easy with a serious mobility limitation like this. I almost went crazy after one week of inactivity caused by my ankle cactus-spine injury. I can only hope that Ann is now on the path back to full mobility.

5 responses to “Ann’s latest ankle-wear”

  1. i love that her toe nails are painted. that combined with the brace makes her look like some sort of weird dominatrix.

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