I’m pretty much settled in here in Santa Fe now, and my various projects are all underway. Too many projects, it felt like this week. Far from reveling in my freedom from obligatory work, I bit off too much of my own work and got myself even more stressed than I used to be! I dove into working exclusively in Linux on my laptop, then immediately tried to edit a video on it. That alone could drive a person mad. Add outdoorism, my WordPress Geo Mashup Plugin and related freelance work, a new website for one of Ann’s clients, some work on the camper, and I became kind of a mess. I got irritable and made dumb mistakes. And all done to myself! Next week, maybe I’ll be able to hang onto a little more inner peace from outdoor mojo.

2 responses to “Doh!”

  1. I just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I enjoyed your blog….found it last night and have read most of it today. You give me hope that this crazy arm-chair hippie-gypsy just might find a place out there too.

  2. Thanks, glad you found some hope here. I hope you haven’t really read most of the blog – that would be a possibly fatal dose of cyberhobo! But I do believe there is a place for you, and a way to get there…

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