White Rock Overlook Climbing

We feel like climbing cracks today. There is some high cloud cover, which Ann thinks may keep it cool enough to climb at The Overlook in White Rock, another scenic area on the Rio Grande.

Our routes:

Headwall Crack Left 5.8
A nice handcrack, supplemented by lots of good face holds. That’s a theme here.
Headwall Crack Right 5.9
Similar to the previous route, but steeper, and overhung at the top. It feels like good practice for me to work on strenuous moves while placing gear.
Cholla Crack 5.9
Again a hand crack, but this time the overhang is at the bottom, while the top opens up and leans you over. I find I have to use a little more crack technique this time, and start to tire out but finish.
Cholla Wall 5.10a
Someone offers us a toprope on this, and it looks good. The face climbing here is a really nice combination of edges and pockets. We both get a good burn to finish us off.

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  1. Sounds like a nice day out. Glad you had fun on those cracks…Did Ann lead any of them? I thought the rock was of good quality in general, there-but a little slick from the usage it sees.

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