I’m jobless!

I’ve enjoyed my 3 years and 7 months as a full-time web developer at Colorado State University, but I can’t remain an outdoor weekend warrior anymore! I’ll join Ann in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she is working, and I’ll have some time to explore. My first move is to launch a new website:


Please help me get it off the ground! There’s some more information there to help you help me. Cyberhobo.net will remain my personal, informal, friends-family-and-friendly-lurkers hangout. I’ll continue to feel free to write about anything I feel like here. Outdoorism will be less personal, more focused, and I’ll try to reach a bigger audience there. I’ll definitely need your help to do that, though.

To start with, I need to decompress and hang out with Ann. It’s taken a big effort to get our entire life mobile and into a working camper and cargo trailer. It still isn’t done, but it’s functional. It’s exciting, but as the transvestite who sat next to me on the El in Chicago at 3 AM said, both of us on our way home after a long night, “I am WO OUT!”

A little mellow climbing with Ann should help me get rolling again soon!

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