Sociometry Fair 2008

Using up every last minute of vacation during my last month at work, I travel to Chicago to for the 4th quadannual Sociometry Fair. I have to fly to get there and back in 4 days. Having heard radio stories about new charges for checked bags, I take only a computer bag with spare socks and underwear, video camera, XO laptop, toothbrush, and photo prints for my project. I took boatloads of video during the trip that will have to be edited, but the story can be largely told through a few pictures and notes:

7 responses to “Sociometry Fair 2008”

  1. Wow. I guess I’m starting to “get” Pete’s Sociometry idea. Great pictures. And there’s nothing like downtown Chicago on a beautiful day. I can’t wait for the videos!

  2. “…but the story can be largely told through a few pictures and notes”

    you sayin’ a picture is worth a 1000 words?

    nice stuff. looks like you had a blast. and yeah, i read that placcards about the haymarket riot or whatever.. crazy how they just up and hung those dudes.

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