Jurassic Park Climbing

A group of climbing friends and acquaintances enjoy a day of Vedauwoo adventure together at the Jurassic Park wall.

The day’s routes:

Lawyer on the Toilet 5.8 – my only lead, one or two good offwidth moves.

Get Up That Tree 5.8 – climb the scary chockstones.

Rowdy Joe Bad 11b – cranky slab on crimpers and small edges.

Flake-o-saurus 10c – proves to me that my jamming needs work! I manage not to vomit when I reach the top after many toprope falls.

Slot-a-saurus 5.9+ – really great offwidth to a finger crack with several bulges. A must-lead-next-time.

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7 thoughts on “Jurassic Park Climbing

  1. ah! i was on the phone with randy when i was checking this out (scoffing, of course). i was reading him the tick list. of course, we both got hung up on the 11b thing.

    so i was like “I’ll go through the pics and see if i can find it”. “Toprope, toprope, toprope… OMG.. Ann is leading an offwidth.”

    yes, it do look like that. i was like “Jeez, that absolutely does not make me want to get back into climbing.” that pic is rad.

  2. my point is, i shoulda known that it was not being led.

    what the hell ARE you doing in that pic? looks like yer placing gear.

  3. The 11b is the slab just left of the offwidth. It’s tiny edges and a freaky mantle – Randy would cruise it.

  4. I’m pulling up another rope, to set a TR. And, I’m UNPLACING gear while going up. And my TR is in the crack (with the gear that I’m unplacing.) Get it? Anyway, I could totally lead that climb, so shut up.

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