Pentitente Canyon Rendevous

Kitty Supervision 6Ann has been in Sante Fe a month now. I’ve spent much of that month looking forward to meeting her this weekend in Penitente Canyon. It takes about 3 seconds after I arrive Saturday morning to sink into a blissful reunion. We spend some hiking and climbing in cool but pleasant weather, and the next thing I know it is already Monday, time to go and dream my way through another month.

We found our way onto a few of the short but sweet routes here during our visit:

Mr. Breeze 5.2 Ann breezes up this to get into the mood.

Mr. Wind 5.7 Slab never feels easy to me, but I like it.

The Serpent 5.8 A theme for many routes around here, slabby down low, steep up high.

May-B-Nueve 5.8 I like this the best of all the “easy” slab routes. It’s also the hardest, IMO.

Captain America 5.10a One weird move at the bottom, then pull them steep huecos up up up!

Ordinary People 5.9 – Way too high first bolt, even if the slopey feet are big.

Children of a Lesser Grade 5.10c – Excellent slabbiness.

Yah-Ta-Hei 5.10c – More slab to face. Very fun easier sequences down low.

That’s The Way 5.10b – Similar to Yah-Ta-Hei, but less steep and shorter.

Drugs Are Nice 5.10a – A great move to gain the lower slab, takes me a couple tries.

Razor Hueco Arete 5.10a – All out steep buckets up a nice arete!

Jesus Liquid 5.10d – lots of little holds and a couple of big ones on a big bulge. Good flash for me ๐Ÿ™‚

Drug Test 5.11a – Excellent steep pockets. I take a couple of good falls, but make it up, and tucker myself all out.

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