Potash Road Revisited

Dylan on Top 40For our last day we decide to try a few more routes at Potash Road. The most exciting part of the day comes just after parking. We’re between the river and the road, and as I’m leaving the camper, T-Rex darts out. I panic, yell at Ann to grab him, she panics, dives, skins her knee, and T-Rex moves easily to safety in the bushes, surely wondering what our problem is. He’s perfectly traffic savvy, and waits until all is clear to come out again. After that we get to a few climbs in the wonderfully hot sun:

Seibernetics 5.8 – Another pretty dihedral, but boils down to slab climbing, a bit sparsely protected. The anchors make a perfect toprope for the 5.10 slab face away from the corner. The friction on this rock is amazing.

Top 40 5.8 – A group from the University of Wyoming has a toprope on this, but they let us use it. I’m just as happy not to have to lead it – the liebacks are beautiful, but the bottom half would involve strenuous, blind gear placements.

Lacto Mangulation 5.10b – A sport climb with a section of thin dihedral. I’m happy I brought one cam to add to the 4 bolts, and come down with a big smile.

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  1. Is “Top 40” the same as “40 Seconds over Potash?”. I think this is the same one that I did (also on TR) on my way out to CO back in Nov…I was also happy it was set up on TR as the bottom is hairy. It got my heart rate going-what an enjoyable climb!

    Sounds like you had fun. Glad the cats okay. We just saw a gory play centered on a gangster’s love for his cat, “The Leutenant of Inishmore”. When you love a kitty-you go through great lengths to keep it safe & happy!

  2. No, Top 40 is different. I lead 30 Seconds Over Potash on our first day here, and felt the pro was good. That first section takes a big nut, very comforting…

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