Road Trip To Moab

We squeak over Vail Pass between closings for snow, then coast merrily down the Colorado River into Utah, where we enter a very different world. By nightfall we’re closing in on the Needles Outpost, where Dad and Sarah are waiting for us in campsite 23.

8 responses to “Road Trip To Moab”

  1. Mine either. I think most readers skip over tags. Do the other kinds of slideshows I’ve played with show up in your reader?

  2. Mmm, yeah. I noticed in your Flickr stream that you’re link to the past pictures doens’t work for me. It says that the images (both of which are linked above) are set as private and I can’t see them. 🙁

  3. your videos always show up. i’m all reader ‘tarded though. some blogs’ feeds are all truncated and others show everything, and others only show copy and not images.

    i like reader for the ease-of-use aspect, but man. some things about it really blow.

  4. It’s not you, or Reader. I see the same in Bloglines. Sites can choose how much content to put in their feeds – some want to use it as a teaser to get some clicks on their “real” site. I include everything in my feeds, but I still don’t see the slideshows, I think because they’re in an <object> tag, which is not allowed in the feed protocol specs. Always something.

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