A little sun at the Palace

Clare comes up from Denver hoping for sun, but high clouds just seem to thicken. The temperature still hasn’t reached freezing when she gets here, but she’s game to do a little hiking if it’s too cold for climbing, so we head up Poudre Canyon anyway. The clouds don’t lift, but it is warmer at the Palace. The crossing is no problem. Frozen solid, the early whitewater season. There are a few people around, some getting on the rock. We hike up the Poudre Face, and have a go at a few routes. Cold, but doable. Eventually the sun comes out and we have an honestly pleasant climbing day. It feels so good after the cold spell we’ve been through. Good enough to make me forget to take pictures!

Loyalist 5.9
Two short 5.9ish lines left of Loyalist
Churchill Rejects 5.9+
Monstrosity 5.10b

3 responses to “A little sun at the Palace”

  1. It was so nice when the sun graced us with it’s presence! The afternoon was splendid. Thanks for being ropegun for the day, it was too chilly for my digits.

    I really loved the wild color and texture of the place. The lichen clashed with the wintry & dull hughes of the grasses-fantastic.

    I was a smidge scared of walking across the Poudre-it was my first frozen water crossing!

  2. After you described your workout from the day before, I was amazed you came at all! I would have been prostrate all day long…

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