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I went to this pre-meeting mostly just to listen in and see what’s up. My only contribution was when people were yelling out ideas for the website. Everything people wanted I recognized as features of a wiki, so I yelled out “Make it a wiki!” And everyone yelled out, “No!” Here are the minutes mailed out afterward (from

The first meeting of the Northern Colorado Climbers Coalition (NCCC) was a great success. Climbers from across Northern Colorado showed their support and provided valuable input regarding which areas and issues will be addressed by the newly formed group.
Popular areas near Fort Collins such as Horsetooth Reservoir, Arthur’s Rock, Carter Lake, Redfeather and the Poudre Canyon were high on the priority list, however, crags such as the Monastery, Combat Rock, and various Estes Park areas will receive attention as well.
Climbing related issues deemed to need immediate attention were further trail designation/improvement (at all areas), preventing abuse of access (Kingpin/Poudre), replacement of unsafe anchors at popular areas (Greyrock, Combat, etc), and leave no trace ethics education.
The overall structure of the NCCC was also discussed at length. The coalition will be an official non-profit entity with 501(c)3 tax exempt status. The organization will be comprised of a Board of Directors (3-9people), 4 officers (President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer), an Access Fund Liaison, and members. All positions (except members) will be elected by a majority vote at the next meeting (TBA). Officers hold terms of one year, while board members are elected for 3-year terms. We will also settle on an official mission statement at the next meeting.
Based on the feedback at the meeting, the organization will serve the Northern Colorado climbing community by acting as a representational group to promote collective climbing related interests, positive resource stewardship at NOCO climbing areas, and the development of the Front Range climbing community. In addition, the group will serve as a major educational resource for Front Range climbing areas.
Upcoming projects include a trail day at the Piano Boulders (late spring ’08), reconstruction of the Rotary Park Trails (April ’09), the development of a website that will include information regarding climbing areas, access alerts/updates, public forums, and educational content on local issues, ethics, and concerns.
Our hope is to foster a strong, educated and united climbing community for the Northern Colorado region. Thanks to everyone who came out to show their support and provide input in order to get the coalition going. We will be having our next meeting in mid February (date and location TBA) and hope you can make it.

3 responses to “Northern Colorado Climbers Coalition”

  1. People are such tools. idiots.

    they didn’t know you are the cyberhobo. they’d be bowing to your 1337 internet skills.

  2. Of course I wasn’t about to reveal my identity! It made me wonder, though, what do people think a wiki is? Something contemptible, maybe chaotic, like the last days of Syracuse under Plato…

  3. “It made me wonder, though, what do people think a wiki is? Something contemptible,…”

    yeah, that was my interpretation. like they’d never actually used it, but had heard about it. then the first person said “NO!” and it was like sheep running off a cliff.

    sounds like the correct direction for updatable / reviewed information. links to information within there. i dunno. some people are just tools. and it’s more apparent in a crowd atmosphere.

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