Off day at the Palace

No pictures from me today. While Kate and Mark seem to have a good day, Ann, Sean, and I are all a bit off our game. After warming up on the always good Churchill Rejects 5.9+, I watched Ann and Sean get hacked up on Battle Axe 5.9+, a cantankerous climb with a nice clipping stance at bolt 4 that will never work for shorter folks. Ann and Sean redeem themselves on Churchill Rejects, while I do my own hangdogging on Strictly Business 5.10c. Before I complain any more, I should note that the weather is made of pure bliss today, and it seems like there could be no better place on earth to be than The Palace. So when I leave my camera sitting on a rock somewhere at the end of the day, at least it’s in paradise, right?

2 responses to “Off day at the Palace”

  1. Oh no! You left your camera? Have you put out notes to see if anybody picked it up?

    When I left mine at Greyrock, I left messages on MountainProject, SummitPost, and Craig’s List. Hope it comes home to you!

  2. Thanks Kate – I did post to Mountain Project and Craig’s List. I also went up to look for it a couple of mornings later, but no luck 🙁

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