Sinks Canyon – Scud Area – No Wind!

Dylan on Boy, I Gotta GoAt last a day dawns breathless and clear. Bob and Sandy join us as we head up to the Scud Area again to have our fill. It doesn’t take as long as we hope it might.

Girls’ Day Out 5.7 – Ann kicks us off on this nice long route with a good variety of edges, pockets, and flakes.

Boy, I Gotta Go 5.9 – Really enjoyable big moves with good rests along the way.

Stud Alert 5.10b – The gem of the wall includes a bouldery small roof, a few delicate slab moves, and big whopper roof to finish. Some of the fun:

Climb Like a Girl 5.9+ – I encourage Ann to try this, and she gives it her all, falling several times attempting the second clip before giving up. I feel bad when I get on it – the clips are hard. Not just the second one either. Nice edgy climbing though!

“You Go Girl 5.10c” – easy to the first bolt, overhanging and stemmy to the second. I make Ann nervous with a hangy second clip. The next crux moves take me several tries to work out a sequence. When I find a clip stance for bolt #3, I don’t think I can hang on. I move down and fall, then manage to finish on Boy I Gotta Go around the corner. I’m almost too pumped to finish that.

The good weather continues, but we’re done! I feel a little like a child playing in the big kids’ sandbox here, with hundreds of routes I can’t touch in all directions, but I would come back here, and Wild Iris too. With the Wind River Range looming in the west, the Wyoming wind and sun seemingly ever-present, and the pocketed limestone stretching out in long, long bands, the character of the place is strong and not to be denied.

One response to “Sinks Canyon – Scud Area – No Wind!”

  1. Wow! So glad to hear you did actually get in a good day of climbing at Sinks. That roof looks AWESOME! And Ann is just insanely flexible. That’s all I have to say about that.

    Ok, I’ll say this… Ann, what you were complaining about at yoga tonight is, I think, only in your head.

    Kate 🙂

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